Symposium of Regulatory Framework

One of the main reasons behind the constrained development of participation finance in Turkey is the absence of a special regulatory infrastructure for the industry. At present, there is no special regulatory framework for participation finance in Turkey and there are very limited articles, guidelines, and procedures related to the sector. Therefore, a serious proportion of prospective domestic and international funds cannot be conveyed to the economy. The Turkish Government has set a target to increase the share of participation banking to 15 percent by 2025. Introducing the regulatory framework for interest-free finance is essential to achieve the target and further develop the sector.

The symposium will primarily unveil the draft regulation prepared by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey. This draft is considered as the most comprehensive and tangible study in Turkey so far. We expect that this symposium will help consummate all the opinions on the regulatory framework for interest-free finance in Turkey through lectures and discussion panels.

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