Our City and University

istanbul-universitesi-kusbakisi-abf6e384_420x280Istanbul is a center of many things. The capital city of knowledge, culture, art, economy and media, in short, a center of civilization… We see its different faces time to time –it is big, beautiful, modern, as well as old, rugged and difficult place to live.

Today Istanbul, with its historical experience, location and dynamic spirit, is hiking at a strong pace towards becoming a global finance center. One of the competitive advantages of this city is the “Islamic economics and finance” argument in the process of “Istanbul as a Global Finance Center”. Its Muslim identity provides a superiority against the Western competitors such as London and Frankfurt in terms of Islamic finance, while its history and location provides another superiority against the Eastern competitors such as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

In this course, the government, economy administration and regulatory bodies are realizing serious achievements in Islamic/participatory finance and many Universities are launching graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs and courses in Islamic economics and finance. Many international and national conferences and workshops are organized in this regard in various cities in Turkey, Istanbul being the leader.

Istanbul University, the oldest and biggest higher education institution in Turkey, has gathered the most competent academicians who specialize in this area and developed a comprehensive schedule of courses. It has special graduate programs in Islamic economics and finance and it also offers courses in this area to other graduate and undergraduate programs of other departments. Our student profile is well qualified both in terms of academic and practical competence.

Our programs in Islamic Economics and Finance provides the qualified human resource that is necessary to contribute to the theory, develop policies and employ in the sector.