About Us

Istanbul University Center for Islamic Economics and Finance aims to develop a sound understanding for the genuine perspective that Islam brought to all economic activities and to organize activities for the implementation of this understanding. Our center was established by the faculty members from Istanbul University who have in-depth interest in this field. The center is based on a multidisciplinary manner as it includes academicians from the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Business Administration.

We basically aim to contribute the development of theory and practice of Islamic economics and finance, realizing the effectiveness and efficiency in the industry and increasing the awareness and consciousness of the society in this regard.

Our main activities include various academic and industrial studies, projects, education, training and meetings to realize the goals briefly mentioned above. Our center in a sense functions as an information and proposal provider to all the stakeholders of the system including the regulatory bodies, financial institutions, investors, entrepreneurs and academia. These activities are realized in close cooperation with the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance at Istanbul University.